The Farrah Bag

Retro is still rocking the fashion scene and while I can work with some of it, other stuff needs to be scaled down a bit. Remember the jackets way back with the fringe from arm to arm, they are trying to make a comeback, and in my opinion are way too much fringe for my liking. That’s where this adorable fringe bag comes in. It’s subtle.
This bag, this bag I can do. It is also kind of a fashion tribute to beauty icon Farrah Fawcett (Feb 1947 to June 2009) — and yes I sported the same feathered hair at one time (and I wore it well!) having been impressed by reruns of Charlie’s Angels. It’s amazing how one woman could have such a huge effect on hair and male hormones.
I’m still a huge fan of Big Buddha bags so it wasn’t hard to fall for the Farrah Bag. It comes in six colors (yellow, orange, cream, brown, black, and beige) for about $72. It looks real but it is synthetic suede. It’s a decent size too at 12″ x 11″ with a 17″ handle.
This is the one occasion that I actually like all colors but burnt orange, black and yellow are pretty hot right now. Go get your Farrah on.
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* Get your own Big Buddha Farrah bag from Baghaus

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