The Convertible Bag

Following in line with many online retailers, Baghaus has incorporated video viewing of their products so customers can get a better look at the items they are interested in. I absolutely love this concept as I’m able to see how the product moves and how big it actually looks next some one (dimensions aren’t always what they are cracked up to be). Ultimately the concept must lead to fewer returns.
One of my favorite functional bags is the Sienna Dylan Convertible Bag (which reminds me a lot of a Namaste bag I’ve seen recently) — sorry sold out at the moment). Hot, from the picture? Probably not.


But tell me the shopgirl demonstrating the Sienna Dylan Convertible Bag didn’t put it in a new light. I looked through a lot of videos of so so bags and the videos totally changed my impression of them:

Not every single bag I looked at had an accompanying video but most of them did. Between all the clothing shops (Igigi comes to mind) and accessory shops adding video to their sites we are definitely looking at a new age for online shopping.
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* Go watch some product videos at Baghaus

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