Retro Costumes

Retro fashion is coming on strong this year so you can expect retro costumes to be a hot item as well. There are a few that are particular appealing to plus size ladies every year — in other words, they never seem to go out of style.
One of my favorite long time shops for plus size costumes is Halloweenie. I’ve worked with them for years and while their website and graphics are not as high tech as many of the other shops, they have always been reliable. I kind of consider them the underdog of costuming which is another reason I like to recommend them.
Four costumes in particular stand out for today’s retro theme: the plus size flapper (up to size 20), putting on the ritz (up to size 3x), plus size Mae West (up to size 3x), and the plus size maverick (up to size 24). These plus size retro costumes range in price from $37 to $57. For the feather boas check out your local $1 store. I know ours carries boas all year round. You can get a few and tie them together to give you length or volume — and it will save you a few bucks.


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