Baggu's New Duck Bag (no feathers included)

I have been using Baggu’s nylon bags for shopping for about a year now and I absolutely love them. They come with a mini bag holder to keep them all folded, neat, and tidy in my handbag. They are are reasonably priced bag $8 (cheaper if you buy more than one), sturdy (can hold up to 25lbs), and come in a beautiful variety of colors without a huge company stamp on them (there’s a little inconspicuous Baggu tab).


Baggu has added a new canvas bag to their collection called the Duck bag and I decided to go neutral with nutmeg for this one as I plan on using it to replace my current falling apart hobo bag that I use when I do errands. As you can see it comes with an extra long strap so it can be carried by hand over the shoulder or my personal favorite across the chest. It snaps closed at the top and has a little coupon or key pouch on the inside. The new Duck bag is made of 100% recycled cotton and is an affordable $18. It is currently available in red, fuchsia, blue, grass, ocean, canvas, nutmeg, and black.


While I was there I picked up six more regular Baggus to use as gift bags this Christmas. I got the idea last year when Baggu produced this awesome how-to video on how to wrap with Baggu. It saves on paper and gives the receiver a beautiful handy bag to carry in their handbag or leave in the car.

From experience I know they have quick shipping ($4 US, $7 in CAN) and great customer service. And when you wear out your bag they will take it back to make sure it gets recycled properly as well as give you a credit for your next purchase.
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  1. I love these bags, I think I am going to purchase one. So they hold 25lbs huh? Does it really?

  2. How do you like your duck bag so far?
    I really want to order a couple to replace my purses that are falling apart, but I can’t tell how much structure they have from the photos on the site. Is the duck cotton thick? Does it stand up on its own when you set it down, or does it kind of flop over? I love the shape and color selection!

  3. Hi Megan,
    It’s a cute big bag. And I initially ordered it to replace my everyday canvas bag but the color when it arrived just wasn’t what I expected (nutmeg) so I didn’t change over (I ended getting a brown hobo bag from Payless for half off when I bought boots). I’m still deciding what to do with it. Whether I’ll add it to my growing collection of shopping bags or keep it as a special book bag or such. I’m thinking the latter because it really is a sweet bag.
    As for your question. They don’t really have much structure, more than Baggu’s regular nylon bags but it definitely wouldn’t stand up alone. It is a very thick bag. But definitely flops over. Hope this helps.
    Best wishes,

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