Sleeping Cat Beads

Last week on twitter a tweet quickly passed by about 20% off something something and out of curiosity I clicked the link. I was directed to Art Fire which turns out to be a similar shop idea to Etsy — artisans making and selling their wares.
Sleeping Cat Beads is run by Heather Rainbolt Kahan who has been producing “fun, funky beaded jewelry” for over two years. I was immediately attracted to a pair of whimsical ghost earrings that I thought were adorable (and of course tweeted about). Since I have no use for them, Halloween being over and all, I continued looking around. Cranberry-Sparkle-Earrings
There were many items from necklaces, anklets, and of course earrings ranging in price from $8 to $135. Since this was my first time ordering from Art Fire I didn’t want to go crazy. I decided on a pair of Cranberry and Copper Earrings for $10. With the limited coupon provided in the tweet I paid $8 plus $3 for shipping.
My package arrived today, almost a week later. The earrings were professionally packaged in a zip bag and jewelry box along with an invoice, business card and a cute mini-mini notepad. And they look exactly as they did in the photo.
I’m very happy with the service and love the earrings which work really nice with my skin tone. Ordering at Art Fire was super easy. I didn’t even have to register; although that was a choice. I recommend checking out Heather’s jewelry designs as well as the many other artisans.
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* Get your own earrings and other jewelery from Sleeping Cat Beads

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  1. The Cranberry Sparkle Earrings in the picture in your post are very unique. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like them! I took a peak at the Sleeping Cat Beads site. There is some very nice stuff on there. Lots of kitty cat necklace pendants! I love cats, so that’s right up my alley. Thank you for posting a link to their site.

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