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Updated Amelia Earhart

I want to do it because I want to do it.~ Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is an American Icon of strength, perseverance, and sensitivity. She is a woman who broke many flying records at a time when women only entered the sky as passengers. Today not only do we see her aviator accomplishments; we also appreciate her fashion sense. If you look back over images of her you’ll see how easily her clothing continues to fit into today’s lifestyle. It looks effortless and charming. I love the most noticeable look that most of us are familiar with; bomber jacket, scarf, khaki pants, and boots/loafers.


Amelia Earhart was definitely not plus size but there is no reason for her look not to be adapted to the plus size frame. Here are my favorite picks for an updated Amelia Earhart look. All the pieces can be worn together or easily broken up to be worn with other wardrobe selections.


  • The Sexy Diva Bomber Jacket is from Plus Size Fix and costs $68. It is available in sizes 1x and 2x as well as alternative colors — black, charcoal and purple.
  • The Black Aunika Boots are from Torrid (they carry some of the best boots) and costs $62. These boots have a wide calf up to 17″ and fit sizes 7 to 12.
  • The Straight Leg Pintuck Pant is from Lane Bryant and costs $59.50. They also come in grey, cedar, and black.
  • The Hidden Placket Shirt is from Lane Bryant and costs $39.50. This stretch fabric top comes in black, yellow and blue.
  • The Fashion Scarf is from Lane Bryant and costs $29.50.

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* Get your own Sexy Diva Bomber Jacket from Plus Size Fix
* Get your own Black Aunika Boots from Torrid
* Get your own Pintuck Pants, Placket Shirt, and Fashion Scarf from Lane Bryant

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