Cotton Ginny Goes Online

Don’t want to venture out into the cold to get a new pair of plus size organic sweats or tees? Well, now you don’t have to. Cotton Ginny has unveiled their new online shop to Canadian customers. Cotton-Ginny-Plus-Size-Jersey-Tee

At the moment it has a very limited selection. I imagine they are testing the internet waters. But so far so good. Shipping is pretty reasonable at $9.99 for up to $299 worth of product.

Quite honestly, they have some work to do with the viewing and ordering of the plus sizes. Products are not easy to get to. At least for the plus size section. Every time I’m clicked on an item in the plus size section I was sent to the regular sizes. I was finally able to get to the plus size pants. Give it a go and let me know how you do.

The shirt at left? Jersey V Neck Graphic Sleep Tee for $20.

***Update*** please read the comments and related messages below as Cotton Ginny is no longer online nor does it have walk-in stores.

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  1. Being a big Cotton Ginny fan & customer, I was extrememly disappointed when you closed your retail outlets. Recently however, I was very pleased to learn that you were offering online shopping!!!!! I’m having trouble – in fact zero success in accessing your web site. I’ve tried – with no luck. I’ve also tried linking there from other pages, & again no luck. Can you advise what I might be doing wrong or if perhaps you’re having web techincal issues?? I look forward to your reply…Thank you, Sharon Munroe

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on Five Favorite Things plus size shopping blog. I love Cotton Ginny too. Unfortunately I think they are in a bit of flux. They have closed a number of stores across Canada and have shut down their online shopping. No word yet if they will be opening it back up. Fingers crossed they don’t go out of business all together. Please note that I am not affiliated with them in any way. I hope you’ll take a look at the other online shops at my blog that serve Canadians. They are listed in the sidebar under “Canadian delivery” and “Canadian stores”.

    Best wishes,
    Five Favorite Things Blogger

  3. Hi Moe,
    Thanks for responding to Sharon’s questions about how to get onto the Cotton Ginny website. Like Sharon, I am a loyal customer and when I found my local store closed, was quite disppointed.
    I do hope they sort things out soon and then re-open at least the site or even a couple of stores.
    I live in the Greater Vancouver District and they do have one store listed at the Park Royal Mall in West Vancouver, It’s a long way to to for me, but I would probably do so if they are still open.
    Bye for now,

  4. The west vancouver store is closed too. I went there this morning to shop and discovered it was closed. I can’t get thru on their website either. It is a shame.


  5. Hi there..

    We have a cotton ginny gift certificate. We can’t seem to use it, very disappointed. The stores in the east coast are close. Is there anyway we can use this certificate in another store? Would cotton ginny be connected with another store.
    Or is there an online site that we can use.

    Please let use know…..we are from Halifax Nova Scotia

  6. forgot to click on ‘notify me’ so here I am again – any info re cotton ginny stock specifically sugarbag pants…

  7. I’m lamenting with everyone else regarding the disappearance of Cotton Ginny at our local malls. You don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone!

  8. I live in the Vancouver area, and of course all their stores are closed. Very disappointing as I loved their stuff, it was such good quality and style and miss it. The store in Park Royal had stated that they were going to maybe start on-line shopping again at the end of April, but I keep checking and nothing is on their website, what a shame, but will keep checking in the hope they do start up again.

  9. I have a $100 gift card that i got as a gift. Does anyone know if it is transferable to another store or if there is one I can contact about this?

    1. Melissa, sorry to hear you have a $100 gift certificate for Cotton Ginny. You can use the GC at any store, unfortunately I don’t think there are any stores left open at this point. Even the website has gone offline.

      Five Favorite Things Blogger

  10. if we only knew who was marketing the stock that was left – what a gift that would be – perhaps they expanded and now, it’s too little too late? online would have been sufficient and no cost to them – those devotees of C.G. are still hoping – searching, peering into the grave looking for resurrection

  11. I also was a Cotton Ginny shopper — in fact I bought all my clothes there. I am extremely disappointed not to have any Cotton Ginny stores in Victoria and I also have had NO success with your online store. After so many years as a loyal shopper I feel betrayed. I had come to know the ladies in the Cotton Ginny stores on a first name basis and liked to visit with them as they helped me with my purchases. I hope you will soon change your bad policy and if not open a store, at least get your online shopping up and running. The sooner the better!!

    1. Hi Heather,
      We are all more than dismayed about Cotton Ginny closing all their stores and the online shop. Their practices were less than favorable for customer and staff. It has been distressing all around. I don’t imagine they will be coming back this time.
      Best wishes,
      Five Favorite Things Blogger

  12. My Cotton Ginny store closed about ten years ago, I still miss it. The
    People were so friendly at the New Minas NS branch that when
    I would go in I neverhad to look for clothes, the women knew me so
    Well they would go around the store pick out a ton of diff things for me
    To try on andi always loved their choices. They not only knew their
    Products they knew their regular customers tastes and had no problem
    Running around for ya. I’ve never had that at any other store being big
    I find shopping for clothes to be a hassle & painful experience. Cotton
    Ginny was a whole different experience. I miss it so much!!

  13. Just throwing my hat in the ring here. I too am sorely dismayed at Cotton Ginny’s untimely demise. I used to go to your St. Catherines location and gab with the ladies there for hours. Your clothes were generous and durable, too. what I wouldn’t give for another pair of those sugarbag pants!!! They were always very friendly to my 2 kids as well (schnauzers). When will you reopen your St Catherines store or online store?

    With bated breath,

  14. I live in Seattle and used to go to Victoria to visit friends and one of them was Cotton Ginny! I would go and take an empty suitcase and fill it up. I am now planning a trip to LA in June and was thinking of going up there to find an outfit to wear in June (2012). Was looking for the store on-line and only to learn it is gone, gone, gone!!! What a shame. Why would that store, which was always busy every time I went there, go out of business? Bad management is all that comes to mind.
    I guess we can only hope that someone comes up with a store comparable to Cotton Ginny, because it was the one store I can say was a joy to shop at. This is saying something because I do hate to shop. I shall now treasure my clothes from there more than ever. They apparently will have to last a very long time.
    If anyone comes up with a suggestion in Victoria, please give us a shout?

  15. If I did not make it clear in my note, I’m going to LA in June and was going to go to Victoria to find an outfit to wear during my LA trip.
    We have nothing like Cotton Ginny in Seattle.

    Jan in Seattle

  16. I was a loyal shopper for years, then the company was sold and the products became sleazy; spandex in nearly everything. I bought a sweater, not knowing of the company changes. The sweater pulled, the sleeves rode up, buttons pulled out, then the stitching came loose at the neckline! NOT the products I was used to! So after a few store visits to try to find something I liked, I gave up and quit shopping there. I still wear my CG overalls and other old things; the original quality was fantastic! Don’t know who the new owners were, but they should be ashamed for ruining a great company and wasting their money!

    1. I hear ya! Although for me it was the addition of spandex that bothered me but the addition of polyester especially in the pants. I hate polyester but I guess it was a of cutting costs for them. I only shopped at CG a few times a year, spring and fall, and I am definitely missing the quality of cotton clothing.

  17. is back, but not sure if plus is or will be offered! tried the website again and there it was. sent email and will wait to see if plus will be offered!

  18. what a shame that they closed. their clothes were superior, in style as well the
    plus sizes. I have been dropping weight so may not meed plus sizes, but still
    want their stores open — online would be okay….Moe pls keep us in touch – thx

  19. I used to work at Cotton Ginny. I eventually changed jobs and ended up at Winners… when Cotton Ginny started closing all of their stores here in Ottawa, Winners did in fact get all of their stock.

  20. Hey There
    I was wondering if you or any of the other ladies happen to know
    of another store in Canada that is like Cotton Ginny with cotton clothing or linen or silk??

    The reason I ask is because I just discovered I am 100% severly allergic to
    poly and all poly products including Polester…

    I have found it VERY CHALLENGING to say the least to find clothing that is only cotton,linen or silk with no added polyester,having challenges with everything from coats to shirts,pants ect ect..

    Any and all assistance or options for cotton or linen or silk clothing in Canada specifically Ontario would be appreciated, I am trying to think of where to even start and I come online to start off with Cotton Ginny any ideas ladies offline or online???

    Would sure be GRATEFUL for any tips or store locations…
    Thanks Laura

    P.S.Maybe we should pool ALL our money together and open a store…(wink wink)

  21. Hey There
    THANK YOU so much for your reply,I will check them out for sure.
    I happened to also click on one of your links on this blog and over time of clicking through I happened to come across a site called ”One Stop Plus” it has a bunch of different clothes and some of them are cotton…(so excited!!!!)

    I also am looking forward to checking out the sites you recommended as I need clothes…

    Just when I FINALLY had my wardrobe to the point I thought ”Now I have a good sellection” that is when I discovered my severe allergy 3/4 of my wardrobe had to go…(oh,well an educational journey this has been that is for sure,I guess I just have to look at it in a GREAT light now i get to wear clothes that are better for us humans to wear anyway…(as petrolimum products and clothing are not the wisest choices anyway once you start reading what we wear it actually ASTOUNED me..)

    No wonder my body was reacting…(it just was WISE)and said I do not want you to wear that stuff…(wink wink…trying to do my best to make my situation the best posible situation considering that it has DEFINATELY been a CHALLENGE and at the same time very educational…)

  22. Since my Cotton Ginny store closed in Lindsay, Ontario, I have found the 100% Pima cotton clothing at to be wonderful and the company has been around for 100 years. They have a guarantee that if you are ever dissatisfied, you may return an item. The shipping is free but they will collect Canadian taxes upfront and a brokerage fee. Their website has customer reviews, which is always nice. Shop there with confidence.

    1. Thanks Ann. I’ve seen a few of the plus size tops there but have not had a chance to check them out.

  23. It’s been many years since anyone has commented on here & I’m not sure if anyone will read this.
    I just found this website with all these helpful comments. Our Cotton Ginny close soo many yrs ago & I still miss them. I know all stores are closed but I found a couple websites that say they are open. I was gonna drive 2 hrs to a store but then realized that they are no longer there. I am soo thankful for everyone’s comments here…especially Moe’s comments.
    Thank you everyone for all your all just saved me a long drive & my sanity.

  24. Weirdly, there is a Cotton Ginny Plus website that claims to be copyright 2019. It has a size chart, an email sign up option (which, when I entered my email, immediately sent me a link to click to confirm my subscription) and has a FAQ page that claims they are focusing on plus size clothing only, and that they are only selling online. When I tried to access info about actual merchandise, however, I only saw a description (and no image) of one garment with a price listed….. I’m left wondering if it’s just a hacked site or whether it’s just a terrible website design….

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