Last Minute Gifts

There are 10 more shopping days left until Christmas. Don’t you just hate it when people give you that reminder? Me too. But I was so shocked that it crept up on me so quickly I had to share. ShoppingBag

I have some shopping done but still more to go and I’m sure I’m not alone. Here’s a quick list of last minute gifts.

  1. Gloves – Sears always has a fashionable assortment of gloves on hand. Stay away from anything to frilly or woolly. A pair of black leather gloves go along way and will be appreciated. Fuzzy wool ones probably not so much.
  2. Scarf – A snood would be even better. They are functional, fashionable and don’t seem to give us as hard a time as the traditional rectangular scarf does. If you know how to knit you could easily whip one or two or three up over the next few days. Don’t skip on the thread either. If you can’t go pristine then at least go a step up from bottom of the line. They wash and wear better.
  3. Leg Warmers – Ardene’s has a great selection of leg warmers at super saver pricing. How about a pair for each day of the week. Go classic or funky. Or Both!
  4. Beaded bracelet – Micheal’s has some of the most beautiful beads and they are a one stop shop for jewelry making. Take 30 minutes and make them something pretty.
  5. Gift certificates – Some die-hard shoppers look down their nose are gift certificates but they are one of the best gifts you can give someone. They are a license to splurge. If the person you are shopping for is tech savvy you might even consider a e-card.

Happy shopping!

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