Lane Bryant Drops Canada

I was online today with my shopping cart full and ready to take advantage of their Buy Two Cacique Bras Get Two Free sale and I couldn’t enter my postal code like I normally could, actually, it didn’t register my usual login, then it wouldn’t take my new registration. On looking closer on the fine print located deep withing their shipping information I found “Sorry, no international orders including Canada.”

I’m so devastated by Lane Bryant choosing to drop Canadian customers from their online shopping store front. Canadians have a hard enough time as it is finding affordable, fashionable, every day and career wear without being further limited by one of the top American brands that so readily directs our fashion.

Update: Lane Bryant is delivering to Canadians again! Visit Lane Bryant for plus size clothing

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  1. I’m really upset that I can no longer order on online with Lane Bryant. Typical Canadian Government, take away great clothes for plus size Canadian women. Pennington caters to old lady fashion and not appealing for young career women. Lane Bryant gave me that, hip and unique styles. BRING ON LINE ORDERING BACK TO CANADA’S PLUS SIZE WOMEN!!!!!

  2. It’s so aggravating. I can find the odd thing at Penningtons/Addition-Elle but they are not the b-all and end-all or whatever the saying is. There are certain things I just love to get from Lane Bryant — bras and jeans. I can’t believe they dropped us like that.

  3. I am very sad to see Lane Bryant is no longer shipping to Canada. I will miss the selection of the trendy plus size clothing. LANE BRYANT: Bring back online shipping to Canada!!!

  4. I don’t think it had anything to do with the Canadian Government but was a conscious choice by Lane Bryant. Too bad as they really were the best retailer for Canadian Plus size women. You’ll be missed and I’m now spending my money at, and other retailers that still value our dollar; especially considering it’s pretty close to par.

  5. I don’t think the Canadian Government has anything to do with it either but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some kind of deal between them and our largest PS clothing provider. I find it strange how their bras now look almost exactly like the Cacique line.

    I’m glad we have lots of other options to choose from but it still aggravates that LB is not an option anymore especially during their friends and family events. It just doesn’t make any sense to me really; especially when the majority of the competition is happy to serve Canadian customers.

  6. I can see the similarities between PS bras and cacique but they are nothing alike. I’m not sure who the PS bras were made by, but in my opinion, not a woman. They suck!

  7. LOL, I haven’t tried them in a long time, they sucked then. I think very few bras are made by women, especially plus size bras. ;0

  8. If your in the Toronto Area there is a New Store in Town. It’s a Woodbine Mall and its called 2BPlus.
    They do everything. Bra’s ( Butter Fly and others) Special Occasion Dress’s and Best of all Comfortable Fashion clothing. They are always getting new stuff and the staff is very helpful. They even have accessories that fill us larger women. Check it out.

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