Wide Calf Black Boots

The Ros Hommerson Women’s Step Wide Calf Boot from Shoes.com is one of my favorite boots. It’s simple lines and low heel (1 3/4″)make it comfortable enough if you have to walk between stops and the leather allows it to be dressed with casual and career wear. One of the best things about them are their calf size — 18″.
Getting a Good Pair of Boots:

  • Measure your calves (both) with a tape measure. Chances are one will be slightly larger than the other. Go with the larger number.
  • When you are shopping for boots online it is important to read the calf circumference in the product information.
  • If there is none listed in the product information then don’t order. IF you really want the boots email the retailer and ask for specifics. A good retailer will have no problem giving you the information and will respond within a few days. If they don’t they are probably not a company you want to deal with.
  • Read any reviews for clues on comfort and fit and whether customer read the product information.
  • Expect to spend a little more on your boots for a good fit and comfort. That being said, extreme prices don’t necessarily mean both.

A little something to get you in the boot shopping spirit:

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* Get your own Ros Hommerson Women’s Step Wide Calf Boots from Shoes.com

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