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Fooler Shirts

A fooler shirt is a top that looks like one top layered over another but it fact it is one. One of the things I like about fooler tops, especially for plus size women, is that it reduces the bulk of wearing two tops by getting rid of excess material where the two fabrics join.

Addition-Elle must recognize this convenient comfort as they seem to have lots of fooler tops to choose from this season. This is just a few of my favorites (I especially like the ruffle one in the middle). Plus sizes available range from x to 4x while prices range from $38 to $65. That’s not taking into account their current New Year sales.

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* Get your own plus size fooler top from Addition-Elle

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    1. Hi Lois,
      I’m sorry to say they are from 2010 and are no longer available. I did a quick search at Addition-Elle and they do not currently have any in stock. I did see two at Penningtons in a slightly different style.

      Best wishes,

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