Plus Size Opaque Tights

I’ve routinely mentioned We Love Colors as the number one shop for plus size tights. Mainly because of their exciting color collection (over 55 colors). They are soft, affordable ($15), and fit up to 375 lbs. But they are not the only options out there for opaque tights.
Roamans have a two pack of stretch tights in eight colors (grape, chocolate, wine, black, navy, beige, cream, charcoal, sapphire) for $14.99. They have the absolute best size range I’ve ever seen for any kind of tights offering sizes up to 8x (500lbs)!
Lane Bryant carries the usual Spanx brand but they have one that piques my interest more than the others. The Spanx High-Waisted Tight-End Tights which fit sizes up to 325lbs. They are a bit pricier at $38 but Spanx usually are. The promise to smooth out the lumps and bumps between the hips and bra line which is a necessity under any form fitting fabrics. They come in four colors (violet, plum, bittersweet, and black).
Go forth and be colorful, warm, and fashionable.
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  1. I love my leggings. At first I wasn’t sure they were something for me, but after getting a pair from Dorothy Perkins, I have to say they are totally me! Very comfy and versatile. Definitely another staple item for a girl’s wardrobe.

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