Avon Accessory Finds

I don’t sell Avon but I occasionally partake in a catalog or two (recently the last three). My last pick was the Beyond Color Radiant Lifting Eyeshadow which I ordered two more of because I liked it so much. Jen Grover Designed Handbag

In campaign ten I found this adorable bag — Butler Basics Essential Bag. I thought it was a sweet looking bag when I first glanced at it but then I saw the organizing compartments I then thought it was awesome. But I’m wondering if the compartments will really stay all squared off like that (anyone try one yet??). Regardless, it’s a good intro price of $29.99 (reg $39.99).

Brightly Colored Fashion WatchesThe other item that caught my eye were these Bright Sporty watches with crystal accent and rubber-look straps. They remind of the Toy Watch I blogged about last year that the first lady was sporting. This is obviously a much cheaper version and a more interesting face. In this campaign it is an affordable $19.99 (reg $29.99).

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* Ask your Avon representative about these items or find one online

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