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I just finished watching a video on Elle magazine that gave a short but sweet behind the scenes look into jewelry designer Pamela Love’s workspace. She seemed like an interesting woman and from what I could see from her pieces my interest was further piqued so I went looking for a website showcasing her pieces. It wasn’t hard to find. High Fashion Jewelry
Browsing through her look books I found some totally rocking metal pieces. All of which I would never be able to afford (the $500 and up range). If I could afford it, this bracelet would be at the absolute top of my list. I would wear it everywhere (and nowhere). I love it. There is no price listed at her official website for the bracelet which makes it feel like one of those “if you have to ask you can’t afford” it moments but I found it with black leather at Forward for $572.
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* Check out Pamela Love’s Look Book
* Get your own Pamela Love bracelet from Forward by revolve

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