10 Things To Do For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about gifts. There are other things you can do that are just as appreciative.

  1. Write a love note. Or two or three leading up to V-day.
  2. Make her/him supper, lunch, or breakfast in bed.
  3. Give a foot massage (without receiving one in return).
  4. Tell her/him ten nice things about themselves throughout the day, i.e. “I love your smile”, “I love the way you care for your parents (children)”, “You are so good at…”
  5. Clean up after yourself (yeah, you should do this all year round but really make an effort this weekend).
  6. Take her/him for a romantic walk (hold hands).
  7. Spend time alone talking about your dreams together over tea.
  8. Make her/him a snow angel!
  9. Bake her/him a batch of their favorite cookies.
  10. Clean out the kitty litter pan (I think this screams true love).

The ideas were getting slim near the end but you get the idea. Add some serious and not so serious ones in the comments.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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