Tunics and Tights

One of the hottest trends this past year has been tights and leggings. Honestly, I was really slow to warm up to them. Mostly because women are trying to wear them with just about anything and most can get away with it. But lets be clear. Tights, even “opaque” ones are to be worn with clothing like skirts and dresses — things that cover the ass. Leggings on the other hand are a wonderful addition for showing off long colorful tunics.

Over at Making It Big they have some great tunics that appear longer than the standards. Depending on how tall you are they might border on a skimpy dress (still only leggings, no tights). Here are a few of my favorites from Making It Big. I would pretty much add a belt to all of them. They are available in sizes 2x to 8x (read their sizing as they have their own). These ones range in price from $60 to $89:

Plus Size Tunics from Making It Big

Making It Big also carries capri and regular length plus size leggings. I recommend regular length leggings over the capri (unless you’re petite) only because they are more versatile. If you want the capri look you can always scrunch up the regular length legs to the proper height whereas you’re pretty much stuck with the capri length cut. Their leggings are available in sizes 2x to 8x in colors black, brown, and navy, for $39. If you are looking for a wider assortment of colors visit We Love Colors which has oodles of colors up to size 3x for $29.

Other important accessories to keep in mind: wide belt, wide calf boots, flats.

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