A Day of Beginnings

The first of the month is a good time for a fresh start, don’t you think?

For some of you, today marks the start of another book-in-a-week challenge. By now, you’re obsessed—or you should be—with your work in progress (WIP). You’re giving up television and other distractions. Housework is on the back burner. Sleep is minimal. Food is just another annoying necessity.

For me, this is my first day as BIW’s resident blog writer. I’ll be here twice a month, writing about writing, reviewing books and “toys” that (hopefully) make our writing lives easier (or at least a little more fun) and interviewing other writers. Can you sense the theme?

If you’re taking a break from this week’s mania to read this, let me suggest a writing exercise to get you back to work.

Tell us about a time when one of the characters in your current WIP suffered a loss. Did he get fired right before Christmas? Maybe she had her heart broken on Valentine’s Day. (I just know you can come up with more original stories!) Whatever the loss, show us the emotions through actions and dialogue. Think you can make us cry? Go for it!

If you want to share your efforts, feel free to leave a comment. And please let me know what you want to read about in the future or if you’re willing to subject yourself to the interview process.

Now go write!

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