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When I want comfort clothing I go to Cotton Ginny. Unfortunately, my local walk in store just closed. While Cotton Ginny now has online shopping I don’t find the site particularly shopper friendly, at least not this shopper. Or plus size friendly, choices are minimal. But I did find a few pieces I really liked tonight.

The Short Shrug is a serious necessity going into spring with all the maxi dresses, camis, and tanks that will be coming our way. This one is super affordable at $25. It is available in CG plus sizes small to xlarge.

off white shrug is perfect for maxi dresses

At the opposite end is the Draped Salt and Pepper Cardigan is an essential piece that can be worn casual or dressed up for the office. This style of cardigan has been one of my favorites all season. CG has it in plus sizes small to xlarge and it is on sale for $33.75 (reg. $45).

Plus Size Grey Asymetrical Cardigan

And finally, CG has 100% organic cotton jersey knit Pull On Leggings in plus sizes small to xlarge. They are available in black and are on sale for $22.50 (reg. $30).

plus size pull on leggings from Cotton Ginny

***Update*** Cotton Ginny is no longer online nor does it have walk-in stores. Read comments below for further insight.

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  1. I’m very dissapointed that you no longer have a store in the Moncton area. I have to drive all the way to the Miramichi which is very inconvenient. I have several friends that love Cotton Ginny and would definately shop at your store if it were located in Moncton. We are a very fast growing city and am really surprised that you don;t locate here. I thank you and have a very good New Years.

  2. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. It’s really unfortunate that the Moncton store has closed. The Cotton Ginny we had here closed too and they no longer have an online shop. To me it looks like a lot of signs that the business is not doing well and is downsizing quite a bit. Hopefully the company recovers and can open up more stores soon.
    Best wishes,
    Five Favorite Things Blogger

  3. I went to go to my local Cotton Ginny store today, i am hoping it moved, but it was closed with a notice that the lease was terminated.

    i hope it hasnt gone online i do not give credit card info over the web

    does anyone know if all stores are closing??

  4. Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks for commenting. It looks like Cotton Ginny is in flux. They’ve had financial problems and and off for over seven years and this seems to be another example. They have closed a number of stores across Canada and have shut down their only shopping. I don’t even get sale notices anymore. It’s unfortunate because it is hard to find their quality of cotton products elsewhere in such a size variance. At the moment I do not know which stores are closing but you can visit their website to see what stores are open in your province by clicking on the “store locater”.

    Best wishes,
    Five Favorite Things Blogger

  5. Hello, in the Victoria BC are we had 3 Cotton Ginny stores and within the last 3 months they all closed.

  6. It is very disapointing to go to the Kingston Ontario store to find it closed .I have a gift certificate that my husband bought me for christmas how do i use this card now .without driving for 2 to 3 hours to the nearest store .i would have thought that someone might have told people that the store was closing and not sold any gift cards.Have bought a lot of stuff there over the years sorry to see it go.

  7. Hi Denise,
    As was I! The next closest is Ottawa or Lindsay. If you are going to go I’m make a weekend of it so you can use up your gift certificate. It’s hard to predict how long the Cotton Ginny stores that are still open will stay open. As for selling GC, I imagine that the stores had new clue at that time and upper management were probably hoping sales would save the store — of course I’m guessing at this point.
    I hope you get to use up your GC.
    Five Favorite Things Blogger

  8. Hi,
    I was just in the Huntsville, Ontario store today and the ladies there said all the stores are closing, apparently there are only 13 stores left. We used to have a store here in Barrie, Ontario but it closed years ago with no warning. Maybe if they had more locations they would have turned a good profit. It’s not like there isn’t a market for quality plus size clothing. They did need to bring back the selection to what it was years ago. It was one stop shopping which was great. Maybe that is where they went wrong. It’s too bad another Canadian store gone. What is going to replace it, some of these towns only have big box retailers with terrible selection and poor quality?

  9. Thanks for the update Donna. I guess not all the stores know they are closing. I talked to one in Lindsay and Toronto about a week ago and they didn’t know — or they weren’t saying.

    It’s incredibly sad to lose such a high quality product. Unfortunately I doubt something better will replace it. Who knows, maybe something will revive them like the last time they went bankrupt.

  10. they are all closing as of april 14, so if you have a gift certificate with value, go spend it! i would say don’t shop there at all, but someone took the time to spend money on the cards because you would like it. the clothes are great so get em while you can. have a girls weekend or something if it’s a drive 🙂

  11. My daughter has now found my cotton ginny jeans & found them to be soooo comfortable and they fit her!
    I have shopped CG since living in Ontario & visiting Montreal! It is so disappointing that the Langley store has closed. With my schedules it is impossible for me to go to West Vancouver–one ot the most expensive shopping centres and an 1.5 hr away without traffic problems.

    Please bring back CG!!!

  12. I would be nice if you opened a Cotton Ginny up north here in Thompson, Mb. There is not many places for plus size women to shop here. We have a reitman’s but only have work outfits, walmart is just too casual, and Giant Tiger never has enough. Big girls like to dress sexy too and I think there’s not enough affordable “bar clothes” here. Just a thought.

    1. Hi Daphne,

      Unfortunately, Cotton Ginny will not be opening up any stores any time soon. They have gone out of business. There are a few other posts on this:
      I’m so saddened that we are loosing such a high quality clothing line.

      Do check out out some of the shops I have listed in the sidebar that deliver to Canada as this will open up a whole new world of shopping for you.

      Thanks for commenting!
      Five Favorite Things Blogger

    1. Hi Kris,

      I’m not sure that there is one. There have been closing like hot cakes and I think there is only one or two stores open in Ontario. There are a couple other posts with people talking shutdowns. Very sad loss for sure.

      Thank you for stopping by.
      Five Favorite Things Blogger

  13. I live in Vaughan, and I am so disappointed that all of your stores have closed down…I enjoyed shopping at Cotton Ginny at Hwy 7 and Weston Rd, in Newmarket at Upper Canada Mall and in Brampton at Bramela City Center…

    I really liked your clothes that you were selling as they are very comfortable…especially your Jeans and capris…T-shirts…

    i do not like online shopping…it would be nice if your stores would re-open around the area

    Hope to hear from you


    1. Hi Grace,
      We are definitely all disappointed. I don’t think the Cotton Ginny stores will be opening again any time soon.
      Thanks for posting,
      Five Favorite Things Blogger

  14. The company was supposed to start selling online! Not sure why its not something that could still be done?

    1. Hi Clare,
      They did have an online shop for a very short time. It was horrendously hard to shop on and surf. Then they just cut it. I really felt they didn’t give it a much of a go but only a last ditch effort and not customer friendly. I’d love to see an online version return at least but I doubt that will happen.
      Best wishes,
      Five Favorite Things Blogger

  15. Please let me know if you hear of any Cotton Ginny place open anywhere and especially online.

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