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Plus Size Designers – Monif Clarke

Monif Clarke is the designer behind Monif C a business she started with her mother Elaine. Her designs are bright, sexy, and highlight the curves of women who are size 14 to 24. They are available at fine boutiques in the United States and Canada as well as online at her official website. Her staple piece is the Marilyn Convertible Dress which features new colors every season (for spring the colors are: canary yellow, fuchsia pink, pool blue, tangerine, soft white, and black). Here is a brand new video giving some background on the dress and how to wear it:

One of the things I like most besides Monif C designs is the designer’s consistent hands-on involvement. She is out there wearing her products and encouraging others to look their best. One of the things I love about her website is it doesn’t try to hide the fit of their fashions on undersized models. When you look at images on Monif’s website you see many voluptuous models of various heights and sizes. When you look at her blogging you see Monif C events with non-models wearing the same designs. A shopper gets a true representation of the clothing and how it fits.
The Marilyn Convertible Dress has been my favorite piece since it’s inception. Here are a few new ones:

Plus size maxi dresses and swimwear from Monif C

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  1. Monif has made me feel that i can be beautiful despite my size. I have three kids and I delivered two of them through c-section, so I got a fat tummy because of the surgery. I feel so good when I see Monif making these hot clothes for plus size women like me because a lot of slim women like to laugh at us because they look better than us but thank you Monif for making me feel I could look sexy just like anybody else. Again thank you. Don’t ever stop designing for us. People like me depend on you.

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