Military Jacket for Spring

One of my favorite jackets in high school was a military jacket I picked up at the second hand store. I literally wore the shit out of it. Ah, fond memories. Why can’t all pieces of clothing be so blessed… Plus Size Military Jacket in Brushed Cotton

As you may have guessed, military is back; and with a fierce vengeance, so if you have some packed away dig it out, if you saw something you here hedging on at the second hand store run back and get it. You can now wear it and actually be hip or as my nephew says “pro”.

In the new realm I found this cute military jacket at eShakti. I love the lines on this baby. This deep olive khaki is reasonably priced at $59.95. It is offered in regular and plus sizes up to 3x. Bigger than a 3x? eShakti offers custom sizing for an additional fee.

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* Get your own plus size military jacket from eshakti

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