The Navy Suit

I normally say that every woman should have at least one complete suit set. And I admit I usually say black. Mostly because it goes with everything; it is easily interchangeable with other black pieces in our wardrobe; and when you look at a person, black is like a canvas — it doesn’t stand out so it becomes virtually unrecognizable from one day to the next. Which can be a good thing if you can only afford one suit.

As of today I’ve changed my thinking. I think everyone should have at least one black suit and Igigi’s new three navy suit. Yes, it’s a pretty hefty price to get all three pieces but with the versatility, mixing with your current wardrobe is boundless. I love that the suit jacket is pretty and unique looking but the pleats in the back of the skirt are fabulous. If I could only buy two of the three pieces it would definitely be the jacket and the skirt. But the jacket looks so sharp with the pants too. All three pieces come in sizes 12 to 3o. The jacket is $138, the pant is $76, and the skirt is $62.

Plus Size Navy Suit (3 Piece) from Igigi

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* Get your own plus size navy suit from Igigi

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