Messenger Bag

One of my favorite style of handbags is actually a messenger bag. It is usually simple, functional and versatile by either being carried over the shoulder or by hand or my personal favorite, across the chest. When they were first introduced they were used by mailmen and bicycle delivery people. Today they are more fashionable than ever.
There is the non-traditional kind like this  fold over Red Messenger Bag from SwakDesigns for $75. It is uber convenient because of the choice of handles or strap when carrying. It can hold a little or a lot and it is a pretty color.

And then there is the traditional Battlefield Messenger Bag from Army Universe via Amazon for $9.39. Yes, less than $10 for an army surplus messenger bag. You wouldn’t want to carry twenty or more pounds of books but for the everyday casual urban look it’s perfectly functional. And if you are not into the complete army trend, which is becoming increasing popular, an affordable bag like this allows you to dabble without committing.

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