The Period Undies

The people at Simple Necessit-Ease sent me a BFF “Period Undies” to test out and test I did. This little pantie is what they call “an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe”.
Period UndiesSo what is a period pantie you may ask, well, it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a cotton / spandex pantie that you where during your period to protect your clothing from “accidents”. The major difference from your regular undies is a panel made from “ultra slim, waterproof, breathable, poly coated fabric” that runs from the gusset up the back extending out as it goes up. They are available in sizes xs to xxl and in five colors (natural, pink, blue, black, white with lace). They are a reasonable price for specialty underwear, $14 or 2 for $22 US.
The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the sizing. The xxl fits more like a xl. And it is obvious that this bikini cut does not take into account the pooch that plus size women have. The sizing didn’t stop me from testing durability and protection. I wore the Period Undies with the specific intention of having an accident. The first thing I noticed when I put these on is that they are kind of noisy. The safety panel makes a swishing noise reminiscent of the noise pantyhose make when the upper thighs rub.
The accident finally happened. Not huge or anything but enough that the average woman would worry about if she were out and about. They definitely protected my clothing with no obvious sign from the outside of the undies.
Period UndiesI didn’t rinse the product as recommended because rinsing in cold water isn’t going to be high on my list of things to do when I’ve had an accident in the middle of the night. When laundry day came around I didn’t use any special cleaners and I can’t even tell there was a stain there. I’m not recommending you do this, I’m just saying. According to the promo material these panties are “processed and tested extensively for durability and can effortlessly withstand rigorous, multiple machine washing and stretching.” But they should be line dried. The rebel that I am, I threw them in the dryer with the rest of the underwear; again, I’m not recommending this, I’m just saying.
As for workmanship, the Period Undies are well stitched. I stretched and tugged pretty hard and they didn’t split the stitching; even at seams. The cotton is fairly flexible in front but the back poly liner is firm and doesn’t stretch as much. The material is definitely soft as is the elastic trim.
I can definitely see this product being a gem for any woman. They just need to work on the cuts for plus sizes and extend the sizes to at least 4x. The website isn’t particular plus size or age friendly. It appears to be marketed toward slim teenagers even though the product concept can be worn by any woman menstruating between the ages of 12 and 50 (I think women struggling through pre-menopause would love them too). The bikini styles are available in sizes up to xxl but the website definitely doesn’t consider the plus size menstruating woman in cut or presentation (or any woman over 25 for that matter). While I think this product is awesome in concept, I don’t think they are appealing to every woman and in particular the plus size woman at this time. My fingers are crossed for positive changes in their future.
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