I Love Belts

Wide belts, narrow belts, metal belts, fabric belts but most importantly I love leather belts. My favorite belt is a black leather one with punched out flowers along the leather. To me the best belts are the ones you can stick in a pair of jeans and they just get better with age.

La Chik is a handmade belt company out of Calgary Alberta. They offer 1.5″ leather unisex belts in eighteen of colors (naturals, brights, and prints) with interchangeable click in 3″ x 2″ buckles. Not just any kind of buckle.. pretty buckles! Here are just four of my favorites:

Belts range in size from 30″ to 44″ for $22 and the buckles are $28.

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* Get your own interchangeable belt from La Chik

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