Retro Glam Dress

I absolutely love the latest retro glam look from Anna Scholz. When I first saw the Print Crepe Border Wrap Dress I thought it was an animal print but on close inspection (as you can see from insert) it is a series of different size Oo’s. I love the neutral color, flattering neckline and just perfect length sleeves. While I love the extra long sash I hope it is not attached which would make it even more versatile — yes, I still want to add a wide belt to everything.

The wide brim hat is a nice touch but Anna currently doesn’t offer these kind of accessories. The mission of finding a hat to go with this dress was under way! My first stop was a tragic no, the hat was $927; since this dress is only ¬£196 that seemed a bit much. I went to all my usual haunts but the best selections (being cute and semi-affordable) turned out to be from I couldn’t find anything as bright but these are perfectly suitable for this dress and others this season.

The Betmar Glamour Sun Brim is $36, the coral Pantropic Patagonia Packable Sun Hat is $40, and the ruffled Helen Kaminski Malaika Sun Hat is $250.
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