Shorts, Skorts, and Capris

Those are three pieces of clothing that make me think of summer. And they are usually readily available at Addition Elle, MXM and Penningtons. I was surfing through their online ONE shop and noticed Addition-Elle is delivering up summer fever with their latest sale: Up to 70% off selected styles. Most of the best deals were tops! I found the following great finds in their sin bin (and I didn’t even visit their sister stores):

plus size tops

I’m not a out-and-about short or skort wearer but I definitely do capris with some sexy sandals quite a bit throughout the summer. Addition Elle has a lot of capris on sale for about $45 a pair. I found more than a few faves:

Additionally you can save 10% on all Plus Size clothing at AdditionElle, Penningtons and MXM with coupon code: 1PLUS10. Have fun the season is almost over!

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* Visit AdditionElle, Penningtons and MXM for their online summer sale

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