Weird Bags

I was surfing over at Handbago and came across what I would call a weird handbag. Obviously, this is purely subjective and weird doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Ok, maybe one or two of them do. What do you think, do these handbags qualify as “weird” or is there something here that speaks to you?

This Laura Buccellati handbag makes me think of the Adam’s Family. And it’s only $2600. Mortgage on one hand, cousin It on the other.

Designer Handbag

This Serpui Marie clutch makes me think of my childhood — I used to love making pompoms. It’s $165.

Designer Handbags with Pompoms

This Diane Von Furstenberg bag does it right with the purple and studs but then it gets a bit weird with the circular appliques. They remind me of pop up tub drains (probably because we just replaced ours). It retails for $450.

Designer Handbags with Applicques

This chihuahua shaped Louis Vuitton scares me. There isn’t a price listed but I imagine it isn’t cheap.

chihuahua shaped handbag

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