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Combine Feminine with Military

Two of my favorite looks are feminine chic and military. Evans (UK) does both beautiful. Here is one of my favorite floral tunics matched with a military mac. One of the great things about Evans is they have the accessories for one stop shopping.

plus size tunic, legging, and military trench

1. Floral Longline Tunic, £35 and available in sizes 14 to 32
2. Neutral T-Bar Sandals, £25
3. Black High Waisted Legging, £15 and available in sizes 18 to 32
4. Khaki Military Mac, £55 and available in sizes 14 to 32
5. Tan Cross-Body Satchel, £20

Evans offers affordable shipping to Canadians and has a huge clearance worth viewing.

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* Get your own feminine and military inspired plus size clothing from Evans

Floral Longline Tunic

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