Haunted Houses

Every town has stories of scary or haunted houses. Make a SquidBoo lens of a walking tour of scary houses in your town.

Use a “text with big picture” module for each house and include your own images from outside the house. Provide a brief history of the story behind the scary house. Don’t forget to include if the owners allow guests or not and any costs.

Use the “google maps” module to mark the locations of each house. This is so much easier than trying to give directions and gives a nice visual for readers.

Include a “featured lenses” module before your guestbook to highlight other lensmaster lenses on scary houses. If you can’t find any then feature some of your scary movie or book reviews.

If you want to do more indepth features of the houses down the road. You can create a new lens for each one then links it within the text box of this lens.

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