Favorite Plus Size Witch Costume

Boy do I have some witch costume stories to tell you! No, actually, I don’t. I was always afraid of the green faced crooked nose witch from the Wizard of Oz and that didn’t change much when my babysitter/neighbor dressed me up in an old black wool skirt and shawl, holy knee highs, a babushka, and painted my face green and warty then carted me off to school where I remember the teachers thinking I looked amazing and my classmates looking at me like they weren’t sure if they should make fun of me or run. I wish someone had taken a picture because all I have is my memory and we all know how childhood memories are a bit skewed.
I strongly believe that DIY costumes are a great and inexpensive way to go if you have the time and the creativity but if you can afford it buying a costume is usually quite stress-free and there are some awesome style choices available. Of all the witch costumes I’ve seen (not including the elite ones, the plus size Amethyst Witch costume from Buy Costumes is my absolute favorite. It is available in 2x and 3x for $75 and includes the dress, necklace, hat, and belt.

plus size witch costume from buy costumes

Instead of the sexy pumps I’d pair it with these thigh high boots from Torrid. Something about those toes and heels are witchy! They come in sizes 7 to 12 for $52. The Torrid website has calf/thigh measurements for each size which is helpful. You should allow for at least 1/2″ more than your actual size to accommodate movement and tights or whatever.

I like the idea of the fishnet stockings and We Love Colors has them in different colors in sizes up to 3x for $11.

plus size colored fishnets

Oooooo, witchy woman!
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