Plus Size Red Coats

While blue is my favorite color, I tend to buy a lot of red but one of the things I really want in red this season is a fall/winter coat. I tried looking locally but all I could find was a lot of boxy black. I hate boxy winter coats. A/ cold air always travels up the back and defeats the purpose of wearing the coat in the first place and B/ layering and plus size just doesn’t look nice with a boxy jacket. In my opinion boxy just looks bulky without the advantage of added warmth.
I searched through some of my favorite online stores and came up with some plus size red coats as possibilities.
Making It Big has a simple double breasted A-line wool coat for $169. The good thing about them is they offer sizes up to 8x.

plus size red jacket

Evans’s has two I’m partial too. A hooded duffle coat for £45 and a skirted mac for £55. Both are available in sizes 14 to 32. I love the duffle because it’s cute and practical and the mac because it’s so damn pretty.

plus size red duffle coatplus size red skirted mac coat

Jessica London actually has a lot of red coats in comparison to other shops so it is not surprising that I have a few favorites from there. There’s the ¾-length red leather coat for $140 in sizes 14 to 28 and the wool pea coat (I love peacoats) in ruby (there are nine other colors) for $120 in sizes 12 to 32. (A little off topic but they have a lots of great patterned coats — think houndstooth.)

plus size red leather jacketplus size red wool peacoat

A a wool-aline pea coat from One Stop Plus for $70 in sizes 14 to 32. It actually comes in six other colors if red isn’t your thing.

plus size aline wool coat

And finally there’s this deep red topper coat from JC Penny for $113 in sizes 1x to 3x. It even comes with the scarf.

plus size red wool coat

Of all the reds I think the duffle from Evans is my absolute favorite. In terms of style, the wool peacoat from Jessica London is tops. Have you seen a gorgeous red coat anywhere?

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