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Back in May of this year, Silver Jeans sponsored a giveaway for one lucky winner for a choice of their plus size jeans. At the time they also offered me a pair of jeans of my choice to review. When they arrived it was too hot and humid here to wear full denim anything. Now that summer is over and it has cooled down I have had the chance to wear and wash the jeans they sent me.
A little back story: Silver Jeans is a mid-level premium denim line that is sold in Nordstroms, Dillard’s, Buckle, Torrent etc; as well as online at their official website. They have been making jeans since 1991 offering a regular and an extended line. The extended line has sizes 14 to 24. My contact at Silver Jeans described them as not being “frumpy, unfashionable, ill-fitting jeans”. Silver jeans retail for $60-$100 depending on style and location and are “figure flattering” and “perfect for the curvaceous women”.
I was given a special ordering code that would cover the cost of one pair of jeans and shipping along with directions to place an order at the website where I found eleven styles including a capri (there’s fifteen now and no capri). I was disappointed to find that not all sizes were immediately available in all styles. For instance one style only offered sizes 14 and 24 but nothing in between. At the time I inquired about this I was told it was end of season and they were getting low on some styles but would be replenishing soon. Having a look at the website a few minutes ago I still find the stock in the same position of not offering the entire range of sizes in each style.
For my jeans I chose the Aiko boot cut jeans and placed my order with little problems. A few week passed and I dropped a message to my contact that I hadn’t received the jeans yet and found out in her reply that the Aiko style were no longer available as there were none left in the store room. She offered to send me their Lola jeans if it were acceptable to me. I checked them out and since flare would be my second favorite I agreed. A few weeks passed and I still hadn’t received them. My contact was equally dismayed. In her reply, again the jeans ordered were cut from the warehouse. But she said she was sending me an even better pair ASAP. She apologized for what she called “freak occurrences”.
plus size extended wear jeans from Silver JeansThe jeans now being sent were Eden slim fitting flare cut in medium wash (shown right). She called them their “most figure flattering cuts” but also said they were a “REALLY old style” (which definitely must be the case because I don’t even see them on their website in the plus sizes or regular sizes now).
Eureka, the Eden jeans arrived. Immediate impressions: They are a beautiful looking jean with a lovely wash and back pocket embroidery. There is extra double stitching along the hip and the thighs are frontal thighs are faded. There is a very slight stretch (1% spandex). The inside pocket has stamped on it: Designed in Canada, Made of imported premium fabrics, handcrafted with pride using genuine quality parts, Established in 1921 (I wonder if she mixed up the date by accident).
Likes: Love the medium wash, pocket embroidery, rise (below belly button but above back of hips. I don’t feel like my ass is hanging out. The Silver Jeans label is a subtle embroidered brand into waistband. The pocket placement is toward center instead of way out to sides.
Dislikes: I’m not a slim fit person. I have large thighs and find the Eden too tight in this area. I also don’t like the fading on the thighs as it makes me feel like there is a beacon on my thighs. While I mentioned in the likes I don’t feel like my ass is hanging out, there is a bit of a gape when I kneel or bend.
When I washed the jeans I didn’t notice any bleeding in the water or heavy dye smell. Like most jeans they loosen up by the end of the day and snap back into place when washed. They are an o.k. jean but I think I might have liked the original Aiko boot cut I requested more.
Overall, they seem to be a well made jean and the fact that they are available online makes them accessible.
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