Opaque Tights

When creating a look it is important not to forget the finer details. Like opaque tights. Even though tights are put on first they can bring the end product together and make it visually cohesive. Thanks to We Love Colors plus size women up to 375 lbs can enjoy 51 different colors of tights in their every day life or for Halloween — because big girls like to play dress-up too.
Here are 51 costumes (chose from Buy Costumes listing) to use with the 51 different colors of opaque tights available at We Love Colors:

  1. Neon Yellow: BatGirl, Sexy Cabbie
  2. Neon Orange: Giggles the Clown
  3. Neon Pink: Hippie Flower Child
  4. Neon Green: Robin Da Hood
  5. Ivory: Ghostly Nurse
  6. Maize: Sleeping Princess, Goldilocks
  7. Yellow: Prep School Delinquent
  8. Gold: Southern Belle
  9. Light Orange: Groovy Mamma
  10. Orange: Jade Princess
  11. Rust: Tavern Wench
  12. Light Pink: Sassy Cupid
  13. Orchid Pink: Feelin’ Groovy
  14. Scarlet Red: Red Riding Hood
  15. Red: Devil, Vegas Vixen
  16. Fuchsia: Venus Goddess
  17. Magenta: Pink Pirate Dancer
  18. Maroon: Maid Marion Elite
  19. Rubine: Juliet
  20. Lilac: Dororthy
  21. Lavender: Maiden of Verona
  22. Violet: Evil Queen
  23. Purple: Hocus Pocus Witch
  24. Mint Green: Gangster Doll
  25. opaque tights color swatchDusty Green: Ms Liberty
  26. Olive Green: Mother Nature
  27. Kelly Green: The Wicked Witch
  28. Emerald: Vegas Vixen
  29. Spruce Green: Poison Ivy
  30. Hunter Green: Irish Lass
  31. Scout Green: Esmerelda Village Wench
  32. Black: Pirate, Vampire, or Witch
  33. Peach: Nightmare Before Christmas Sally
  34. Baby Blue: Raggedy Ann
  35. Sky Blue: Neptune’s Mistress
  36. Medium Blue: Lady of the Nile
  37. Royal: Ms. Wonderland
  38. Light Grey: Anita Valium
  39. Grey: Sexy Tin Woman
  40. Brown: Cowardly Lion
  41. Navy: Shipmate Cutie
  42. Pastel Mint: Fortune Teller Elite
  43. Turquoise: Peacock or Gypsy Princess
  44. Aqua: Enchanting Princess Elite
  45. White: Prince Leia
  46. Charcoal: Medusa Elite
  47. Mocha: Eskimo Cutie
  48. Neon Blue: Atlantis Queen
  49. Teal: Detective Terri Gation
  50. Light Tan: Queen of Hearts
  51. Amethyst: Jester

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