Planting Strawberries

If you are a green thumb, even if you are not a green thumb but have the initiative and patience, create a lens on planting and growing strawberries from seed to table.

Here’s a great opportunity to create a weekly image diary of your strawberry growing process and any trials, tribulations, and recommendations along the way. Use the gallery module so the weekly images don’t take up too much space.

Other modules to include: dancing strawberry

  • Poll module for people to rate their love of fresh strawberries — 1 to 5 stars.
  • A text module with a childhood memory about picking strawberries.
  • A duel module for visitors to battle on which fruit is better: strawberries or raspberries.
  • An Amazon spotlight module for a sun hat, or strawberry pot.
  • A recipe module for your favorite strawberry dessert.
  • Or instead of a recipe module you could use a Featured Lenses module to feature recipe lenses by other lensmasters.
  • A guest book of course.

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