Green Parenting

Living green is a huge topic. Everyone wants to know how to live a little greener. On the flip side parents also want to learn how to be green parents and teach their children by example as well as put them into situations where they will make the proper choices. Create a variety of lenses on green parenting to help Parents educate their children on the importance of a green lifestyle. I say variety because this is a growing topic that will easy expand from one lens once you get started. father and child

In your initial lens include the following modules after your lively introduction:

  • Poll Module: on how being green rates in their life (1 out of 5)
  • Text List Module for the top ten areas parents should focus on when talking with their children about living green. If you make it a voting plexo then parents can vote on the topics most important to them.
  • Use a Text Module for each area expanding on each section, offering tips and activities to do with childen
  • The Amazon Spotlight Module is wonderful for a green book on parenting.
  • Guestbook for parents to offer their own suggestions.

This type of reader does not want to be bombarded with ads for products, they will quickly find the door if that is all they see or if they have to search for helpful information. Keep it specific and keep it focused.

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