Muppet Crazy

It shocks me that Muppets are such a hot phenomenon after all these years. I grew up in love with Kermit and Fozzie and kids are still growing up in love with them. The good thing about the Muppets is that you can love them at any age. This week Threadless is getting all Muppet Crazy with a slew of Muppet related t-shirts (up to 2x) that will great with jeans or a pair of khakis or sleep shorts. Here are five of my favorites:

Muppet t-shirts from Threadless

  • Your Love Keeps Lifting Me by Chris Gerringer
  • Animal Inside by Stelios Spanoudakis
  • 3 x 3 = Friendship by Fernando Velazquez
  • Muppet Alphabet by Mike Boon
  • Together Again by Alfonso Diaz

All tees are $24.
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