Polka Dot Handbags

There are a lot of handbags out there that have dots on them. Many of them are pretty bad but I will not get into that or else I will be here all day all negative and such and I really do not need to bring you down with a whole bunch of dot horror stories when dots are meant to be fun.
My first place to hunt for dots was Zappos. The name itself makes me think of dots with those round curves in the name. They offer up designer dots like the Dotty Snake Lil Ukita by Marc Jacobs for $298:
Steve Madden Dotty Handbag from Zappos
Or there is the eco-friendly dots like the Cyclone Polka Dots by Littlearth for $60 from Sonsi:
Little Earth Dog bag from Sonsi
Dots does not have to be all about print, it can be texture too. Like the White Bweaved Hobo Bag by Steve Madden from Torrid for $98:
Steve Madden Handbag from Torrid
There is always Amazon where you can stock up on your books and cosmetics at the same time with the Gray Polka Dot Loop Shopper by Reisenthel for $40:
Reisenthel dot handbag from Amazon
And if you just cannot find a dot bag you love at the usual retail haunts I highly recommend Etsy which has dots being made into lovely bags of all shapes and sizes (functions and prices) like the Red and White Polka Dot Purse by Two Chikkadees for $10:
Polka Dot Purse from TwoChikkadees
If that fails then you can pick up an inexpensive polka dot scarf and tie it around the handle of one of your solid colored handbags.
Have a happy polka dot kind of day.
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