Dust Free Cubicle

One of the things I have in my office is a mini cubicle shelving tower for miscellaneous things that I want handy but do not use a lot. You can get them from pretty much any department store for about $20 to $25. The packages are sold with three to four cubes and multiple shelving units can easily be joined together to make a bigger bookcase. I only bought the one package because it was for a small space I wanted to fill and use productively.

The problem with having an open grid system is that everything easily collects dust and when you do not use the items often, well they collect even more dust — and I am a terrible duster — if I do not put it on my calendar it will not get done.

In an attempt to cut down on the dusting I decided to make a tower cover from my leftovers/bought for future use materials. I cut four pieces of fabric the length of the tower and one square. I quickly stitched all sides together leaving a two inch hole about midway on the top cube in the front piece to tuck in a ribbon I could use as a tie back when I want easier access to the shelves. While I was at it I made a trip to the dollar store and picked up a few baskets to sort the stuff on the cubicles and make it easier to handle.

grid cube shelving unit

When it is not in use I simple untie the ribbon and fasten it to the opposite side. Now every so often I can just throw the cover in the wash and do a light feather dusting of the items inside.

metal grid cubical shelf tower

The fabric is pretty much the same color as the paint on our walls so it does not stand out and I actually think it makes that corner look a little tidier.

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