Costumes I am Tired of Seeing

Every year costume companies release a few new styles but for the most part they stay reasonably the same. I never tire of vampires and witches — probably because I am into movies, tv shows and books along the same theme. But there are some costumes I am just so tired of seeing. Here’s a quick list of costumes I think should be retired for a few years at least:
plus size costumes for women
Snow White Costume
I love the Snow White fairy tale and I love Disney but this is my first choice of costume that needs to be retired. Unless it is one of the high end ones which are truly beautiful. Because of Snow White and the Huntsman movie there is a new series of costumes for Snow White unfortunately not of them are plus size.
The Poodle Skirt Costume
I love retro and I love Grease but the poodle skirt for the plus size woman has had its day. It is time it retired; unless of course you do something ingenious like a zombie in a poodle skirt — how cool would that be.
The Flapper Girl Costume
This seems to be the other go-to safe costume for plus size women. Flappers are cute and there are a few different styles to choose from but I am just so tired of them. Retire it please or if you have an old one do something unique with it.
Sexy Costumes
For some reason, in the costume industry “sexy” has come to mean, reallly-short-I-can-see-up-your-butt-if-you-move-the-wrong-way costumes with major cleavage. Women can be “sexy” without having to show all. I think these options need to be lessened and more authentic costuming offered where women can go out and party and have fun — most of the sexy costumes for plus size women were not meant to leave the bedroom. Instead of a “Sexy Alarm Hottie” how about a “fire woman costume” instead of a “Sexy Quarterback” how about just a “Woman Quarterback”. Instead of a “sultry” SWAT girl how about a real Swat costume for a woman. I am not completely opposed to sexy costumes, but can we tone down the ratio a bit? There is a fine line between sexy and just plain sex pot.
Most plus size costume companies offer a similar selection. If you see something in regular size that you want in plus size then tell them. Only by telling them, and them relaying customer feedback to distributors, will the future options change in our favor.
I have told what costumes I am tired of seeing, now you tell me what costumes you are tired of seeing.
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