Plus Size Sailorette Costume

Would you pay $55 for a dress and only wear it once a year? Maybe, but not likely. When it comes to Halloween costumes that is pretty much what we do. And depending on how boisterous we were when wearing it chances are they are many one hit wonders because Halloween costumes do not seem to be made with durability in mind (at least not the ones under $60).
When you spend $50+ you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. That is one of the reasons I love this nautical dress ($56) from Domino Dollhouse — it makes a perfect sailorette costume with the edition of a cute hat and retro makeup but it can be worn any time year round in a full nautical theme or not. As a costume it is especially cute with the Meringue Petticoat in Red. While it does not look like they still have the red there are eleven other colors to choose from.
plus size sailor dress from Domino Dollhouse
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* Get your plus size sailor costume and plus size Meringue Petticoat from Domino Dollhouse

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