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Penningtons has this really cute commercial out right now with cute print denim pants and a catchy song by by Lucy and the Cloud Parade called “Feel Lucky”. I love the lyrics too:

I feel lucky
I feel free
I feel everything’s a possibility
I feel lovely

I really like the dotted capris from the the video but have not seen them on the website or in store yet.

I was in Penningtons earlier in the week and saw these print jeans and thought they were fabulous looking. The Coated Skin Print Skinny Jeans are available in sizes 14 to 24 for $60. If you do not have one in your area the online store ships throughout Canada and the U.S.
These cute print jeans are from Pennintons!
Have you brought printed bottoms into your world yet?
P.S. While I have been writing this post I have been listening to the full version of the song (no video, link below) and I am hooked. Ended up downloading it from iTunes for .99 cents. Very positive and upbeat track I will add to my walking mix.
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* Get your plus size print jeans from Penningtons
* Listen to full verson of Feel Lucky

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