New Feedora Sarongs

Feedora is a traditional sarong shop in Hawai’i. They have been providing hand-painted Batik style sarongs for as long as I have been online (actually, longer than that, like twenty-five years). Their sarongs measure 45″ x 75″ and are about $50 and includes a simple how-to on how to tie your new sarong in many ways. They sent me an email recently to let me know they have a few new prints. I am partial to these three:
This cherry blossom sarong is from Feedora.
This blue dragonfly sarong is from Feedora.
This brightly colored turtle sarong is from Feedora.
While I love the new stuff, my all time favorite is still the deep blue background with Hibiscus flowers:
This Feedora original sarong has a bright blue background and traditional hibiscus flower print.
And these other original florals are a close second:
This Feedora original sarong has a black background and hawaiian flowers.
This blue themed sarong has a lovely floral print.
There are many other floral and landscape scenes to choose from, all vibrant and beautiful waiting to be wrapped around some bodacious curves!
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