Plus Size Bra Fitting

Linda Lewis, a Senior Buyer for the Cacique bra line, from Lane Bryant dished with Marcy Guevara about their Cacique bras and provides some helpful tips on choosing the best style and getting the right fit. They are still saying that 80% of women are still wearing the wrong size bra but I kind of find that hard to believe in this day an age with so many opportunities provided by retailers both in store and online. So ladies? How does your bra fit you?

One of the things that annoys me about most of these types of bra fitting videos is that they imply that if you have the right size then you can find the perfect bra which is not the case. There are so many different styles of bras with different cuts and manufacturers that not all bras are going to fit the same, not even within the same store. A demi bra may be perfect for Shelly but all wrong for Anna. A full cup bra may sit right on Anna but not on Rachel. So even if you have the right size chances are you are still going to have to try on a lot of bras to get a good fit. But the right size and cup are definitely a good place to start.
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