Black and red nail polish.

Black and Red Colorblocking

I first saw this design in Nail It! magazine and knew immediately I had to try this black and red color blocking. The original nail art was shown in a China Glaze nail art ad, had I red and black in China Glaze I would have used them but I didn’t.

Photo of nail art from Nail It! magazine.

I love black and red color blocking and this manicure was fun to play with because I was able to use black nail polish without getting the grunge look that can sometimes happen with full on black nails. I think the final results are super sharp looking and I would definitely do it again. This is definitely a look anyone who wears nail polish can pull off.

Black and red color blocking nail art.

I used Julep’s Evie red for the base and drew on the black contrast with LA Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer. I found it super easy to do although I was paranoid I was going to make a mess with the black. Obviously, doing the left hand was harder.

Nails painted with black and red color blocking nail art.

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