ABC's Chalkboard nail art.

Chalkboard Nail Art Duo

I picked up one of Revlon’s chalkboard nail art duo which has a matte black polish at one end and a matte coloured polish at the other–one to represent the chalkboard and the other to represent the chalk. There were a few color choices but I ended up with Over Achiever which is a soft pink.

I love the black matte polish. It went on really nice and was opaque with two coats. It’s matte when compared with other polish but still has a bit of sheen to it.

Revlon's chalkboard nail art duo.

The pink “chalk” has a thinner brush to make it easier to draw with but I really did not come up with anything that I like more than the basic black. Honestly I think the brush should have been shorter to allow for more manipulation. Totally hated it. The bottles are a bit wobbly and top heavy. I had a few close calls when I set the brush in the bottle to clean around a cuticle.

Playing with my ABCs with Revlon chalkboard nail polish duo.

This nail polish combo is pretty pricey, I bought this on sale for about $8 and would have been disappointed had I paid full price. The black is nice and will definitely wear again. It stayed on surprisingly well without a top coat and came off super easy with polish remover.

I did not like the ABC’s above so I ended up putting on another coat of the black chalkboard and redoing the pink chalk with patterns which I liked much better — but still liked the plain black the best.

Different patterns on each finger with chalkboard nail base.

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