Rose champagne nail polish from Butter London.

Butter London Champers

One of the polishes in my Nail Polish Canada purchase was a bottle of Butter London Champers (from their Summer Bespoke Collection). I have wanted to try Butter London for years and was very excited about getting it. The gorgeous color is described by Butter as “opaque rose gold shimmer”.

My First Attempt

Unfortunately this is one of the worst polishes I have tried so far. The polish went on well enough with two coats for a mostly opaque look — I probably could have gone with three. I took my pictures, one under artificial light and one under natural light. I find you can see the hint of rose more in natural light than artificial.

Rose gold nail polish from Butter London -- artificial light.

Like a say really pretty color. When I woke up the next morning there were a bunch of weird bumps in the polish. Now I now you are not supposed to shake nail polish so I didn’t, just to be clear on that. I rolled it in my hands, barely, because it is an awkward shape. The bubbles are small and you can barely see them in any of my pictures unless you are looking for them.

Rose gold nail polish from Butter London -- natural light.

My Second Attempt

But I thought, well maybe this is a sensitive formulation so I thought I will give it a good shake and let it settle for a few days. Giving it a tap when I remember to disperse any bubbles and then give it a try. It reacted exactly the same way.

Arrows pointing to the bubbles in the nail polish.

They are not huge bubbles but still not a smooth finish. To top it off the nail tips chipped the next day too. For a $17 nail polish this is incredibly disappointing.

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