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It’s Not About What Size You Wear It’s How You Wear Your Size

The cute kitty logo for Black Cat Plus.Black Cat Plus Fashion Blog is dedicated to providing information about plus size fashion, trends, style. A cheerleader for plus size designers, blogger Jodell Raymond is consistently on the lookout to spotlight designers who have added plus sizes to their collections. Black Cat Plus Fashion Blog also serves as a conduit for issues that are relevant to the plus size woman.

Fashion Tip Fit Note
“For jeans, remember the darker the leg the more elongating and flattering the silhouette.”

10 Things You Might Not Know About Jodell Raymond

  1. She has four Persian show cats: and yes, two are black cats.
  2. She believes that dark chocolate solves all problems.
  3. Plus size blogger and shop owner Jodell Raymond.

  4. She teaches business courses at several colleges in her hometown of Rochester, N.Y.
  5. Favorite Quote “How it is is how you decide it’s going to be!”
  6. She owns 35 pair of flip flops: one for every possible outfit.
  7. Favorite sport is anything to do with ice: figure skating and hockey.
  8. Must have accessory: Diamond anything!
  9. Her favorite city is Las Vegas and she wants to live there one day.
  10. Her favorite author is Jennifer Weiner and her Favorite show is Mad Men.
  11. Believe it or not, in her off hours she shops!

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