Testing out Rimmel London's polish for the first time.

Pulsating Pink Nail Polish

This is my first Rimmel London (can be found at Walmart, Target, Shoppers etc) nail polish. For a few bucks I couldn’t resist this Pulsating pink. This is part of their one coat line that dries in 60 seconds but I didn’t like the sheer look so I went for two coats which I think is much better.

My nails with two coats of Rimmel London Pulsating nail polish.

I really love the color which has a fine sparkle to it but doesn’t really stand out. The brush on this tiny bottle of polish is a bit thicker than average but smaller than the large one Sally Hansen has. It’s not bad.

Showing off my "pulsating" pink nails and the tiny bottle of Rimmel London poslish.

Unfortunately by the next morning I needed to do touch ups because there were little chips on the tips. It actually looked better with the third coat of color but was chipping again the next day. But still, I love the color.

My nails with three coats of Rimmel's pink Pulsating nail polish.

Are you a Rimmel London nail polish user? Is this usual?

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