5 Reasons I Like Wrap Tops

One of my favorite style of tops is the wrap top. My first wrap top actually came from Igigi a few years ago (they don’t have it anymore), then some time after that I picked up a wrap cardigan. After a straight pullover this is probably my next favorite style. It is definitely a little more finicky than pulling a top over your head and just going but there are at least 5 reasons I like wrap tops.
This black plus size wrap top is from Kiyonna. One of the few retailers that consistently offers real and faux wrap tops and dresses on a regular basis.Adjustable V-neck
One of the things on the market I dislike right now is all the “faux wrap” tops. With those you loose the adjustable v-neck that comes with a real wrap top. The real thing has the best v-necks because they are adjustable with the wrap. If you are feeling confident you can go deep or if you are feeling conservative you can wrap tighter or add a camisole if you really need or want.
Pseudo-Peplum Waistline
Peplum tops and dresses and even coats are a huge trend this past year but they have always been around. On many wrap tops there is a pseudo-peplum look created when we wrap the fabric around our waists. Besides being a hot and recurring trend it is just plain flattering.
Wraps are Forgiving
To create a true wrap top they have to include extra material. This extra material makes them very forgiving of our sizes. If I happen to lose or gain five or even ten pounds they are usually adjustable enough for it not to matter — making them a doubly beneficial piece in your closet to return to.
Some of their versatility is obviously mentioned above, and I guess if we really want, all tops are more versatile these days but I love that I can wear my wrap tops with dress pants, a skirt, over a sheath dress, or with jeans. It is so easy to dress up jeans these days.
They never seem to go out of style. There are slight variations over the years but really, a wrap top is a wrap top and unless it is made with a telling pattern or fabric, one I bought ten years ago is probably still more than fashionable today.
What do you like about wrap tops?
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* The plus size wrap top from Kiyonna (Laila)

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