The Call

It is the day all unpublished writers dream about and the day all published writers remember well. It is the day when you get a phone call from either an agent or a publisher telling you they want to publish your book. For a writer, it is a high-lighted moment. It is when you go from being an amateur to a professional: an actual writer. It is the day you come out of the closet.

A woman receiving, "the call". I got my “call” on Thursday, October 10, 2013. I had arrived home from work with my boys in tow from the babysitter’s house and promptly checked my emails before starting dinner. I saw in my inbox an email from Harlequin publishers and immediately thought that it was yet another rejection for my YA paranormal.

When I opened the email I found instead an offer of publication for their new digital line which they are launching in January 2014. As they say in Ireland, I was gobsmacked! I ran around the house woo-hooing and jumping (to the best of my ability) and thanking God of course. My boys were alarmed at my antics until I told them not to worry — that it was really good news, to which my older son (10) asked: “Did somebody get better?” Oh yes! Momma just got a whole lot better.

The following morning, I had a call from the editor of the digital line at Harlequin. It was a lovely conversation and I do not recall any of it. I was too excited. All I know is that they are going to publish my book sometime next year.

Oh happy days.

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